Fertility Yoga

holding sunflower infront of pelvis

Yoga is energy work. It’s not exercise and not a recreational activity.

Therefore, how can we shift/move/generate energy for a fertile body? For women, the menstrual cycle ‘moves with the moon’ where we can practice strong postures during ovulation and restorative postures during menstruation. If a woman is experiencing an absence of periods, then she can adapt her practice to be flowing leading up to a full moon and inward yin on a new moon. Often described as feminine approaches, are the moon, left side, and yin whilst masculine energy arises in the sun, right side and yang.

In my personal experience, I adapted my yoga practice to become ‘softer’. Does taking a feminine approach mean going the ‘easy’ way or not being too strong? Absolutely not. To be a woman is to be a warrior, to be grounded like a mountain. Being conscious of my energy, I started to no longer practice chaturangas, and inversions such as headstand, forearm stand or handstand if I was tired. I acknowledge that some practitioners are advanced in their asana and being in inversions is the same stability as being on their feet but because this is not the case for me, I didn’t want to be sending my energy outwards. When I was feeling strong and not depleted it was still beneficial to get inverted to alleviate the organs around the pelvis. I wanted to generate and cultivate energy to be grounded and stable, particularly in my pelvis. I wanted to keep my belly soft rather than engaged. What kind of baby wants to sleep on abs of steel instead of a pillow? 🙂

When I would bleed, this was a time to let go and focus on releasing with yin practices. More than asana, the effects of pranayama, chanting and meditation were particularly important. As Dr Joe Dispenza says, “where your focus goes, your energy flows” so doing visualisations drawing attention to the womb space allowed a familiarity with what will be the home for a baby. I would chant ‘Om Namo Nama’ which is to let go.

Fertility yoga isn’t just for those who want a baby. A healthy menstrual cycle informs the overall health of one’s body through navigating the hormonal changes. If you’re a woman and haven’t considered adapting your practices with your cycle, there’s no better time to get started than now.

Stay tuned for upcoming workshops on how to adapt yoga practices for the menstrual cycle and if trying to conceive, one on one privates are available – simply get in touch.


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